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Montpellier: Good performance for Montpellier HSC, abstract

OGCN – MHSC. This Sunday, November 7, 2021, the match between OGC Nice and Montpellier HSC at Alliance Riviera ended 0-1. Montpellier residents did the work. Here is the summary of the competition.

18:59 – OGC ends between Nice and Montpellier HSC (0-1)

Undeniable dominance in possession of the ball (66% vs. 34%), more shots on goal (5 shots on goal against 2) … but it was actually OGC that ended the match well with a defect on the scoreboard (0-1). Against an opponent who has undergone surgery today, he does not have much practical ability to return to this match.

18:58 – Opportunity for Montpellier HSC missed

Montpellier HSC’s attempt failed when we reached the 90th minute of the game.

18:58 – OGC fired at the target for Nice

Interesting possibility for OGC Nice: The shot is on target, but the opposing goalkeeper is alert and can revive his own.

18:57 – Change for Montpellier HSC

Maxim Esteve led Arnold Socket in the 90th minute of the match at this meeting.

18:53 – Change for OGC Nice

In the 90th minute of the match, Kefran Duram was replaced by Ulian Calvin Stings.

18:52 – Montpellier HSC gives a free kick very close to their goals!

What a precious free kick for OGC Nice! Anthony Gaudier blew the whistle against Montpellier. We play the final minutes of the game on the Alliance Riviera.

18:51 – Corner in support of OGC Nice

It may be an opportunity for OGC Nice to change the course of this meeting, in this corner, its 8th today, which will be attacked in a few minutes. Score Reminder: 1-0 in favor of Montpellier HSC.

18:49 – Blessing by Mihilo Ristic

Game parking in Nice. Mihilo Ristic was injured in the previous operation.

18:47 – OGC Nice Prevents danger with a free kick

This may be the last chance for a break for Montpellier HSC as the ball is disposed of by the referee a few cables away to the opposing goal! OGC Nice can come out with this free kick while in the last minutes of this meeting.

18:45 – Change for Montpellier HSC

Anthony Gaudier signals a change: Steffi Maviti leaves the playing field and Beni Mahovana Montpellier enters the field for HSC.

18:44 – ⚽ Florent Mollet opens counters on Nice (0-1)!

0 to 1 on Alliance Riviera! Montpellier HSC scored with a goal from Florent Mollet in the 80th minute of the second half. Nice people are forced to react now!

18:44 – Opportunity for Montpellier HSC

Montpellier HSC gets a great chance to change the score when both teams are in the 80th minute in this second period.

18:42 – Free kick in favor of OGC Nice

OGC Nice won a free kick very close to their goals, which will allow them to regain balance (0-0) in this second period. A saving free kick to Nikois just minutes after the meeting!

18:42 – Corner in support of Montpellier HSC

This is a new corner currently acquired by Montpellier HSC, who will have the opportunity to carry the danger in front of the opponent’s cage and probably pass in front of the scoreboard (0-0).

18:40 – Melvin Michael Maxensen Yellow Card (OGC Nice)

In the 77th minute of this 2nd half OGC Nice player Melvin Michael Maxensen Bart received a warning.

18:40 – Anthony Gaudier whistles for Montpellier HSC.

Montpellier HSC won a free kick in this 2nd period which will be played in a few minutes. The score in this nice – Montpellier match is still in balance, but the Montpellier players have taken advantage of the set pieces with 9 free kicks against 6 for 6 when they play the 77th minute on Alliance Riviera.

18:34 – Free kick for Montpellier HSC

Montpellier HSC won a free kick in the opposing camp, which will allow them to get a serious chance and score a goal in this second period. We reached the 71st minute at the Alliance Riviera and it is still in balance.

18:31 – Change for OGC Nice

Lucas da Cunha was replaced by Caspar Tolberg in the 68th minute of the Nice – Montpellier game.

18:31 – Change for OGC Nice

Pablo Rosario replaced Mario Lemina in the 68th minute of the Nice – Montpellier game.

18:30 – Switch to Montpellier HSC

Anthony Gaudier offers his contract for a replacement: Sep Eli Wahi is out and Nicholas Giochini Montpellier enters the field for HSC.

18:28 – Corner in support of OGC Nice

When we reached the 65th minute in Nice, OGC gave Nice an interesting chance to take the lead (0-0) by immediately taking the 7th corner of the game.

18:28 – Attempt for OGC Nice dropped

By the time we reached the 65th minute of the game OGC Nice’s attempt had failed miserably.

18:28 – Montpellier shot at HSC

Montpellier HSC thinks they found the start, but the strike, which took the path of the law, did not hit the mark.

18:27 – Yellow card for Kephren Thuram Ulien (OGC Nice)

Game director Anthony Gaudier warned OGC nice player Kefran Duram Ulian.

18:26 – Injuries of Sep Eli Wahi

The game was stopped at the Alliance Riviera. Sepe Elye Wahi seems to have hurt himself from the previous act.

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