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Morale rises first thing in the morning at Big Brother's house: "Foolish!"  - Big Brother

Morale rises first thing in the morning at Big Brother’s house: “Foolish!” – Big Brother

Souls raised early in the morning in a housebig brotherRe all because of the food. While many competitors eat breakfast, Mafalda Diamond and Joanna Schreyer They complain about the amount of food their colleagues ate the night before.

“Last night they ate like a caterpillar,” he complains diamond mafalda. “The question is really, there were a lot of people who ate a lot of things,” Joanna adds.

“She spends eggs and then there are no eggs, she is like children and does not learn,” Bud Mafalda. Joanna Schreyer adds: “People don’t realize what they’re eating.” At this point, Miguel intervenes and tells them to stop. He complains, “Don’t start, for the saint’s sake.”

“you are one of them!” , immediately accuses the leader of the week. He asks, “You’re bothering my head first thing in the morning, why?” Miguel Vicente, leaving Joanna angry. “Do not interfere in a conversation that is not yours. If you do not want to hear things, do not engage in conversations that do not belong to you…”

Tatiana Bua-Bova intervenes and asks for “calm”. However, Mafalda Diamond continues to complain about the amount of meat that Miguel Vicente put in to thaw. Miguel, don’t eat six at a meal! Miguel Vicente says he put the food to melt. “Yesterday if it wasn’t for me, it would have been frozen and today you would have lunch later. I only had the initiative to defrost.”

Tatiana is disturbed by the direction of the conversation. “Mafalda, so be it. If you don’t eat everything at noon, it’s at night. Calm down, it’s morning!”

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In the bedroom, Diana Lopez also asks Mafalda to calm down, but the contestant is very nervous and calls her classmates “extraordinary”.

“We’ve been going for a month and a week without food. Finally we have food and I have to stop eating next week because there are crazy people who don’t know how to manage food? Should I stop eating because of these defects? Abnormal in lock caps”, he says.

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