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Morangos’ Katharina Mira admits she was ‘hurt’ by not being an actress

Morangos’ Katharina Mira admits she was ‘hurt’ by not being an actress

wAtarina Mera, the former Disney Kids presenter and “Morangos Com Açúcar” actress, was on the “Gender Calling” podcast, where she admitted she “got a little hurt not being an actress.”

Despite getting many opportunities in Portugal, it was only when he arrived in London – where he moved nearly ten years ago – that he started to run into a ‘no’.

“I’ve never suffered much rejection in Portugal. I’ve always been in a row, even doing a show for Disney for four years. I’ve always taken it for granted,” He admitted, adding that he had “lost confidence” from the moment he felt rejected when he moved to England.

Katarina Mira remembered that It even auditioned on ‘Game of Thrones’, but failed to “revenge”. He said, “I had opportunities and didn’t take advantage of them. I should have let go of my fears.”

He says he worked in London in various fields, such as restaurants and hotels. “Here is normal. One day you do what you love, the next you pay the bills. It’s not really a cause for shame. It’s a somewhat hidden fact, but there are definitely actors in call centers in Portugal. By the way, one of my good friends, Vanessa Martins, when I started Frederica had three jobs – in one of them she was an insurance salesperson at a call center,” Highlighted in conversation with Catarina Marquez Rodrigues.

Katarina Mira, the mother of the little wolf, about two years old, recalled giving birth at home. In addition, he talked about his partner Martin – who went through a deep depression and with whom he had a relationship for eight years. To listen to the podcast, click here.

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