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HomesportMorata: "In Spain there is no respect for anything or anyone"

Morata: “In Spain there is no respect for anything or anyone”

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Spain are two days away from their Euro 2024 semi-final against France and Alvaro Morata has already opened the door to a possible departure from the team. In an interview with El Mundo, the La Roja captain suggested that this could be the last time he represents his country in a major international competition.

“It could be, it's a possibility that I don't want to say too much about, but it's possible,” admitted the Atletico Madrid striker, who spoke once again about the criticism he receives.

“I'm not happy at all. But it's true that in Spain it's very difficult to be happy. Something always comes out somewhere. One day I made a gesture towards journalists, just a whistle, a gesture that I thought would stay between us, but a journalist published it… Well, I don't know, it was just a gesture, but some took it seriously. An opportunity to criticize, as always,” he regretted.

“Many times I am happy, but other times it is difficult for me. It is my personality, I am like this, it is difficult… When I come home, I always feel very happy, but in front of people I feel like I am naked, and maybe that did not allow me to give everything. I had. It is often very difficult to be in Spain because there is always someone who says something nice, and someone else… Am I happier outside of Spain? Yes, definitely. I have said this many times. Above all, because people respect me. In Spain there is no respect for anything or anyone.”

Morata stressed that he wanted to “enjoy” the European Championship, and even left a message for the critics: “Maybe one day they will miss me.”

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After Morata, at the start of the European Championship, pointed the finger at Real Madrid's signing policy, which was looking for another striker, he took a step back and confirmed his desire to win titles with the “Colchoneros”. Now, he has left doubt in the air once again.

“I also think it could be that way. [inveja] But it's not fun. That's why I still think, even though I'm focused on the European Championship, that I don't know if it's better for me to stay in Spain. Have I announced that I'm staying? Yes, good, but… I've already said that I'm eager to win titles with Atlético, but you have to weigh up what's worth it and what's not.

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