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“More children”?  Francisco Froes replies and talks about the main reason for his return to Portugal

“More children”? Francisco Froes replies and talks about the main reason for his return to Portugal

This Tuesday, April 4th, Francisco Froese was in the show JuliaWhere he talked about his marriage to Rita Castelo Brancopaternity and return to Portugal.

Together for 15 years, the actor recalled how he met his wife and talked about the long-distance relationship, as Francisco Froes ended up attending acting school in New York, US. We’ve been separated for five years. If we knew it would be five years, we might say, ‘No way’.”He told Julia Pinheiro.

The truth is that Rita later moved to the United States and they ended up getting married. “The wedding was one of the best days of my life. Symbolic things have a special weight and marriage is something unique in principle, which makes it very special”He said.


the couple’s first child, Francis Xavierborn in 2019. “We were so happy there, we didn’t want to leave and we had no idea how hard it would be to be a father, because if we had known we would have been close to family soon.”He began by saying: “It was very difficult. Everyone who is a parent to little ones knows. It is stressful. It was very intense and everything was very expensive there.”.

After all, was Francisco Froes’ return due to professional problems or not? “We wanted to bring [Francisco Xavier] at the foot of the family. I saw the lives of people there in the United States. The comfort of a small, safe country with a very good family and brings very good values. If there is one thing that Portugal is so much better than the US is family values ​​and I really wanted to pass those values ​​on to my kids.”They answered and confirmed: “It made 100% sense to come back.”.

10 months ago the actor’s second child was born: Sebastian. “This is the most important role I will ever have in my life and I am still discovering what it is, it is a discovery. There is so much love to grow after.”and seal, leaving the possibility of air “more children”.

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