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Xiaomi RAM memória armazenamento Android

More RAM on the smartphone? Xiaomi wants to do this only via software

More and more smartphones are appearing in the market with very high RAM values ​​above all. This is the brands’ way of achieving better and higher performance, and it is a solution that ends in benefit to the users.

Xiaomi now wants to change this scenario and give its smartphones an increase in RAM, without changing any component of the device. You will resort to storage and thus achieve this increase just by activating a simple button.

Xiaomi's new feature will soon be available on Android

Xiaomi's new solution was discovered a few days ago and promises to be very interesting for the brand's smartphone users. Through a simple change of configuration, activated with a switch, they can increase the RAM,

It was programmer Kacper Skrzypek who I found this grandmother When analyzing what the brand was preparing for the new version of MIUI 13. When analyzing the existing code, I found a symbol that reveals a novelty that will arrive soon.

More RAM on the smartphone without changing anything

Xiaomi smartphone users will be able to activate an option that guarantees up to an additional 2 GB of RAM. This will happen with the creation of a virtual RAM solution, which will use a portion of the available storage for this.

For this, users need that free space and it will not be available anymore. Hence, based on the need, this additional RAM will be used by Android to host apps in the background, which works better.

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Xiaomi RAM Android memory storage

Storage will serve this memory

From what was discovered, this increase in RAM will only be available in 1 GB or 2 GB block. It will depend on the smartphone hardware and mainly on the available storage space on Xiaomi devices.

Although it is certainly a significant improvement made by Xiaomi, this is not the first time that this mechanism has been used in the Android world. Vivo previously introduced its default RAM and showed OnePlus Turbo Boost 3.0 on the OnePlus 9.