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More than 1.8 million permits have already been submitted by the tax authority.  Returns arrive this week - Jornal Económico

More than 1.8 million permits have already been submitted by the tax authority. Returns arrive this week – Jornal Económico

More than 1.8 million personal income tax returns (IRS) were filed by taxpayers on the Finance portal, five days after the three-month period, through June 30, to declare 2020 income to tax authorities, according to Finance Statistics. The Tax and Customs Service (AT) has already started processing the first refunds from the IRS and the amount should reach the taxpayers’ account in the middle of this week, according to the State Secretary for Taxation.

The first payment orders have already been issued “and the relevant amount will reach taxpayers” in the middle of the week, ”said Lusa Antonio Mendoncha Mendes, realizing that prior to this IRS campaign, he had already indicated an expectation that, this year, tax refunds could begin Earlier in 2020 – when the process began on April 21.

JE has questioned the Treasury about the value of the IRS first payment orders and the number of taxpayers covered by these orders, but has yet to receive any response.

Even before the IRS announcement deadline, as of midnight March 31, the portal already had 198,399 registered announcements.

On the official start day of the submission deadline, April 1, the stats on the Finance portal recorded 253,596 announcements before lunchtime, a figure close to the figure that Finance had recorded in the same period last year.

At the start of Tuesday night, April 13, according to finance statistics, as of 1.24 am, 1,854,252 tax returns have been submitted, both of which are from the first stage (1,502,668) in which the taxpayer declares the income they have received. In the year 2020 dependent work and / or pensions, as in the second stage in which they announce other types of income (351,584 ads) as independent work (B category) or income (Class F), for example.

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According to the deadlines stipulated by law, the IRS must be liquidated by July 31, with the tax paid or returned (via refund) by August 31.

The automatic IRS extended to over 250ml of taxpayers

Since 2018, the IRS Declaration has been submitted exclusively electronically.

With the IRS automatic extension of new types of income, the potential number of households this year to benefit from automation is 3.5 million, and could choose the tax return pre-filled out by the tax authorities. The controversy revolves around the inclusion of this system for a large segment of the self-employed: more than 250,000 taxpayers.

This simplified IRS declaration submission system – which was first launched in the 2017 campaign – includes taxpayers covered by the simplified IRS tax system, in which taxable income is determined through the application of transactions and covers those liberal professions. Performed by professionals providing services who could be separate owners (forming a company), or self-employed workers.This is the case with professionals such as musicians, doctors, psychologists, architects, engineers, lawyers, economists, veterinarians, translators, advertisers, journalists, nurses or tax advisors, among others.

Outside of the IRS Automatic system, more complex situations persist, such as those of some self-employed with other activities exclusively to provide services. In other words, other service providers, within the scope of registered taxpayers with TA to practice, exclusively, service provision activity stipulated in the IRS Act of Activity Schedule.