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Compras online: Mais de 13 mil reclamações desde janeiro! Saiba porquê...

More than 13 thousand complaints! do you know why …

With the pandemic, online commerce has grown significantly. The whole chain of business had to improve and increase the services provided, but, as is natural, not always everything goes well for those who buy.

According to recent data, online purchases have resulted in more than 13,000 complaints since January on Portal da Queixa. Find out what the reasons are.

More than 35 complaints per day due to online shopping

As part of Online Shopping Day - which this year falls on October 29 - Portal da Queixa warns of the importance of shopping safely and advocates for the need to increase digital literacy.

According to the portal's data, since the beginning of the year, Portal da Queixa (the largest consumer social network in Portugal) has received more than 13 thousand complaints related to online shopping, with an average of 35 complaints per day.

According to the analysis by the portal team, among the 20 subcategories under study, 66% of complaints about online purchases are directed to the following sectors: technology and consumer electronics; travel booking sites; sports equipment - retail trade; Men's and women's clothing and international markets. Brands included in the consumer electronics and technology category lead the negative experiences in e-commerce.

Online Shopping: Over 13,000 Complaints Since January!  do you know why ...

Among the main reasons for complaints from Portuguese consumers regarding online purchases are: delays and / or problems with orders (33%), refunds of orders (9%) and exchanges / returns of items (7%).

Portal da Queixa is the largest social network for consumers in Portugal, being a national reference in terms of consumption. The platform has more than one million registered users and more than ten thousand brands and public entities committed to it. This portal was created in 2009 as an independent, innovative and pioneering project in Portugal, which has changed the complaints model and promoted digital literacy in the consumer society.

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