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More than 280 tons of garbage removed from Copacabana Beach after Madonna's concert

More than 280 tons of garbage removed from Copacabana Beach after Madonna's concert

a Municipal Urban Cleaning Company (Comlub) The Rio de Janeiro company carried out a large-scale cleaning operation on Copacabana Beach, south of the city of Rio, where the company removed 287 tons of garbage after the concert performed by the American singer Madonna, which was held on Saturday 4.

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During this operation, the beach and the main intersection in the neighborhood witnessed a cleaning process that included washing the streets with reused water.

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To facilitate proper disposal of waste by the public, the company has made available 1,500 240-litre containers along Avenida Atlantica and on main access roads, as well as near the city's metro stations.

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From 10pm onwards, the service was intensified, and the entire beach and surrounding areas became clean in the early hours of Sunday the 5th.

Tons of trash at Madonna's Copacabana concert
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In addition to the street cleaners, Comlurb used more than 65 vehicles in its operations, including 18 dedicated reused water hydraulic cleaning vehicles and 38 specialized equipment. Of these tractors, ten were used to sift beach sand, before and after the musical performance.

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On Monday, the sixth of this month, the Rio de Janeiro State Government released the balance of the special operation carried out during Madonna's show.

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during the day, Fire department She rescued about 50 people who drowned in the sea off Copacabana. Rescue operations continued throughout the show. There have also been ground rescues, with clinical events, such as syncope.