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More than 41,000 people have signed a petition asking Jeff Bezos not to return to Earth – O Jornal Económico

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is set to go into space on July 20, marking the first flight by his space exploration company, Blue Origin, out of orbit. However, more than 41,000 people ask Bezos not to return to planet Earth during his trip.

Jeff and his brother Mark Bezos are just two of the three people who will be aboard the New Shepard rocket when it is launched. Take off on July 20, marking the first human flight from Blue Origin. The third element of the journey is not yet known but it is known that this 23 million euros paid at auction to buy the ticket.

It was announced that it would finally head into space on June 7, and three days after the revelations, a petition was launched to prevent the world’s richest billionaire from returning to Earth. In just ten days, the petitions add thousands of followers and signatures.

The undersigned on titled “Don’t let Jeff Bezos come back to Earth”, adding more than 26,000 signatures since Sunday. The description of the petition read: “Billionaires should not reside… on Earth or in space, but if they decide on the latter, they should stay there.”

One of the petition’s signatories wrote: “To be returned to Earth is a privilege – it is not a right.”

On the same site, another petition called Petition that Jeff Bezos not be allowed to enter Earth again It has over 18,000 subscriptions so far, a number that has increased over the days. “Jeff Bezos is actually Lex Luthor under the guise of the alleged owner of a successful online e-commerce store. However, he is a demon focused on global domination. We have known this for years,” wrote Jose Ortiz, the creator of the recent petition.

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