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More than 70 crocodiles escaped

More than 70 crocodiles escaped

The crocodile crisis broke out in the Chinese city of Maoming after heavy floods that swept the region.

More than 70 crocodiles, originally living on a commercial crocodile farm, were given the opportunity to escape when a local lake burst its banks as a result of flooding.

It creates chaos in the city. She wrote that the authorities therefore launched an intensive operation to recover the crocodiles CNNwhich refers to several state media outlets.

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At one point, there were at least 69 adult crocodiles and six cubs on the loose near Ping Kun village.

CNN wrote that an emergency team was quickly deployed to track down the missing crocodiles. But the depth of the floodwaters created enormous challenges for the operation.

Therefore, the authorities warned residents not to leave their homes.

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Highly sought after

An emergency team member said they might have to kill the crocodiles instead of catching them.

Video footage circulating on Chinese social media showed some crocodiles lurking behind a road sign near a road that appeared to be completely submerged in water, according to CNN.

Crocodiles are sought after in China for their skin, as well as their meat, which is believed to have medicinal value in traditional Chinese medicine.

It is not yet clear how the authorities will solve the crocodile problem.

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