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Morpheus, the Painful Cure Victoria Beckham Is Addicted to – Trends

Morpheus, the Painful Cure Victoria Beckham Is Addicted to – Trends

arrive to 50 yearsAnd Victoria Beckham displays a Very soft and moisturized skin. But there will be a secret behind it: a A very controlled dietThat’s right, this custom has been known to him for a long time, but also Radiofrequency sessions with microneedles. The fashion designer is supposedly addicted to Morpheus 8It is an expensive radiofrequency and micro-needling treatment every six months.

Actually, that is The new trend of rejuvenation among celebrities. in tThe technique is not as invasive as promises Normal resultswhich is why it attracted characters like Kim kardashianVictoria Beckham OR Lindsey Lohan. Morpheusalso known as Morpheus 8 or Body / face of Morpheusis a procedure that attracts the attention of many celebrities.

This treatment can be applied in the area Face to treat acne scars, Chin chinbut also on larger areas of the body, such as ThighsAnd legs that it buttocks To reduce the effects of cellulite and in the treatment Sagging belly Postpartum or post-obesity surgery. a The recovery is also faster Other cosmetic and surgical procedures. can be used in All skin types It is mainly indicated for anyone who wants Treating sagging and not feeling much pain.

Recently, the British newspaper the sun She revealed that the former Spice Girl resorted to the operation to keep her skin more beautiful.
Morpheus8 consists of a file Fractional radiofrequency with 24 micro needles. The goal is to stimulate the fibroblasts and Production of new collagen fibres. correct Allied with anti-agingtaking into account that Prevents sagging of the skin that it Creates a lifting effect without surgery.

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However, you should be aware that this treatment Not only advantages. in the first place, Not exactly cheapat a cost of 700 pounds (About 800 euros). In the same article in the English newspaper, a close source reveals this designer You have a session every 6 months Which is practically recommended. Secondly, Morpheus 8 It hurts. There are those who argue with that Victoria must apply an anesthetic cream in the skin 90 minutes before treatment Which involves inserting 24 4mm needles into the face.

In addition, David Beckham’s wife is an unconditional fan of the brand’s products Augustinus Bader. It is also with Professor of Applied Cell Biology and Cell Technology at the University of Leipzig, who specializes in stem cell research, that Victoria has developed Your own brand products for the skin.