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Most of them believe that the average time needed to change smartphones is 4 years

Most of them believe that the average time needed to change smartphones is 4 years

With so many smartphone models launching on the market at an incredible speed, it is tempting to want to replace our devices with more modern ones. In this sense, we asked our readers about the average time it will take to change smartphones, and the majority of answers indicate 4 years.

What is the average time required to change smartphones?

After we finished last week's question, we are now continuing to publish all the results through analysis 3,477 Responses obtained.

According to the results, the majority of readers, with 28% of votes, consider 4 years to be the average time to change smartphones (957 votes). 26% of readers voted for the 3-year term (900 votes), while 20% chose the 5-year option (701 votes). On the other hand, the answer of 7 years or more was chosen by 11% of the participants (383 votes), while the answer of 2 years was chosen by 9% (322 votes). Finally, 5% considered the average time to change smartphones to be 6 years (165 votes) and the remaining 1% chose the 1 year option (49 votes).

The results are in the graph

For better visual perception, below is a graph showing the current results for this question.

In the comments left on the article where we asked this question, many readers give justifications for their voting choice, although many also point out that it all depends on the smartphone you have as well as the economic possibilities.

If you didn't answer our question, tell us now what is the average time it takes to change your smartphone.

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