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Mother of three (40) wants to challenge Putin for president

Mother of three (40) wants to challenge Putin for president

Ekaterina Dontsova, 40, a mother of three children and an opponent of the war, will compete with Vladimir Putin (71 years old) in the elections scheduled for March 2024.


Wednesday She submitted her request To the Central Elections Commission, which approves the candidates. It must have 300,000 signatures to be able to run.

Earlier this week, Putin submitted his papers. Wednesday night writing Russian media That Nikolai Kharitonov will be the Communists’ candidate in the presidential elections.

Trained as a journalist and lawyer, Ekaterina Dontsova comes from the Tver region, where she was a city councilor in the small town of Rzhev.

The country has moved in the wrong direction over the past ten years. The cycle is set up to self-destruct, it is a prediction Its website.

-Every day the life of ordinary Russians becomes more difficult. Citizens cannot express their opinions freely if they do not coincide with those of the authorities. She continues to say that the number of political prisoners is increasing, and hundreds of thousands of people have been expelled from the country.

Ekaterina Dontsova believes that Russia will soon have no friends – as a result of the war in Ukraine.

The latest allies are Iran, North Korea and Eritrea, but they too may move away soon, she writes.

Some speculate whether the Kremlin might position her as a presidential candidate to give a semblance of democracy. In an interview with Reuters She recently denied it:

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-I have no connection to the Kremlin, oligarchs or big business. She replied: None of them support me.

The oligarch: Mikhail Khodorkovsky.

But Russian state-controlled media on Wednesday tried to link her to Putin’s well-known rival, Mikhail Khodorkovsky.

– The media reported from political scientists and experts that Dontsova was connected to the fugitive oligarch Khodorkovsky, she wrote. Rhea.

Khodorkovsky owned the oil company Yukos, but he fell out with Putin and was put in prison. In 2013 – exactly ten years ago – he was finally released, fled Russia and has been living in Switzerland ever since.

Meanwhile, Nikolai Kharitonov would become the presidential candidate of the Communists. This means that the leader of the Communists for the past thirty years, Gennadezh Zyuganov, has been destroyed. Kharitonov was also a presidential candidate in 2004. He then received 13.7 percent of the vote, finishing second behind Putin with 71 percent.

Kharitonov is 75 years old. Party leader Zyuganov, 79 years old.