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"Mother puts her hands in Bibi?"  - The funny story of Joanna Amaral Dias' daughter's question

“Mother puts her hands in Bibi?” – The funny story of Joanna Amaral Dias’ daughter’s question

Joanna Amaral Dias

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Joanna Amaral Dias was the last guest on Katrina Miranda, number audio notation “Just 5 more minutes”. The political commentator said that “Electricity” is her daughter’s nickname, light, five years.

“Is he there [Luz] It is a duplicate of the mother. It’s a lot like mine, but it’s a later version because it’s only five years old, but it gives me 10 to zero. put me in the corner, He said.

However, the psychologist told a very funny story about her daughter: “I went to see ‘The Vagina Monologues’ with my husband and there was a lot of interaction with the audience”He started by saying.

The day before, Luz had questioned her parents about the item and its name, and was curious to know the meaning of the words ‘monologues’ and ‘vagina’. joan’s husband, Pedro PintoHe told the girl that they were “Pee Talks”. “The next day, she wanted to know how the ‘early conversations’ went and then her father, who was a little armed as a hero, told the story, at one point Theresa Guilherme asked him about the child’s pee smelling like. Mom.”, to remember.

Once again, Luz was not left unanswered. “The father said that the mother’s urine smelled like alcohol jelly.” “Why Daddy?” Luz replied immediately. “Does Mommy put her hands to pee a lot?”he said, leaving Catarina Miranda surprised with the girl’s eyes.

“Sometimes we have to calm her down a bit because she goes to school with that bag, and the next day, she goes to school to count the ‘early conversations’. It’s a little embarrassing sometimes.”He said between laughter.

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