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Moto G32 vs Realme 9i: Which cheap mid-range is better?

Moto G32 vs Realme 9i: Which cheap mid-range is better?

Motorola or Realme, which company has the best cheap broker? In this comparison, Moto G32 and Realme 9i are put side by side so that you understand their similarities and differences.

Despite the similar hardware and price, these two models offer a completely different experience from each other. a Motorola Moto G32 It is an affordable version of Moto G52. Already Really 9i There are quite a few differences in Realme 9 Prolooks more like really 9.

This is partly due to the interface, but there are a few other important details to consider.

design and construction

  • Moto G32: 161.8 x 73.8 x 8.5 mm, 184 grams;
  • Realme 9i: 164.4 x 75.7 x 8.4 mm 190 grams.

Moto G32 and Realme 9i follow a similar visual concept. Both have two cameras in very large apertures and a third, smaller camera on the back. The units in the upper left corner are both Motorola How much does he give? truly.

The front has a bezel-less screen and a hole in the screen for the selfie camera. However, while the Moto G32’s is centered, the Realme 9i sits in the upper left corner.

However, note that the cell phone of the Chinese brand has much larger dimensions, despite the screen being only 0.1 inch. This indicates greater limits – they can be good or bad, depending on your preferences.

Both are made of plastic on the front and sides, with a fingerprint reader integrated into the power button. In addition, they both have a USB-C connector for data and power and also a P2 for headphones.


  • Moto G32: 6.5 inch IPS LCD with Full HD + resolution (1080 x 2400 pixels), 90 Hz;
  • Realme 9i: 6.6 inch IPS LCD with Full HD + resolution (1080 x 2412 pixels), 90 Hz;

The screen is not special on these cell phones. The IPS LCD screen in both is not bad, as it has a good resolution and even an increased refresh rate at 90Hz. It’s good enough, with one caveat.

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A feature of panels of this type is the intensity of brightness, which does not reach such high levels as OLED. This particularly affects the Moto G32, which has very poor visibility for use on the street, even on cloudy days.

Realme 9i does not suffer much in this regard, as it reaches a slightly higher maximum brightness.

In short, Motorola’s cell phone screen is the least convenient for those looking for a device to use Uberdelivery applications, and the like. In this case, Realme 9i seems to be a better option than the Moto G32.

Configuration and performance

  • Moto G32: Snapdragon 680 4G Octa-core (4x 2.4 GHz Kryo 265 Gold + 4x 1.9 GHz Kryo 265 Silver), Adreno 610;
  • Realme 9i: Snapdragon 680 4G Octa-core (4x 2.4GHz Kryo 265 Gold + 4x 1.9GHz Kryo 265 Silver), Adreno 610.

Both Moto G32 and Realme 9i offer satisfactory performance for daily use only. You can run games with lower graphics, but the loading time is very high. It requires patience.

This is because the Snapdragon 680, despite indicating good power by the name, has an underdeveloped core architecture. The processor cannot handle today’s difficult operations. The situation on the 600 series can be a bit confusing for the user.

To give you an idea, the chip is only about 20% faster than the Snapdragon 660, which was released in 2017. That’s a small leap from about five years ago.

The problem is not to underestimate these cell phones, but to place them correctly. They are more entry-level models than intermediate models, in fact. What’s more, it only offers 4G connectivity, at a time when 5G is becoming a reality in Brazil.

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Ease of use

In the interface, you have a very clean version of Motorola, with some changes for Android as thought The Google. Or Realme’s, which changes a lot and includes many interesting features – which may not be very useful for some users.

In terms of updates, they are two companies that still get a lot of mistakes. Motorola offers only one additional version of Android, with another year of security bundles. Realme has a less transparent policy, with occasional updates.

Neither model has NFC, a feature that enables contactless payment on a cell phone.


  • Moto G32: 50 MP (f / 1.8, main) + 8 MP (f / 2.2, ultrawide) + 2 MP (f / 2.4, macro); 16 MP (f / 2.4, front);
  • Realme 9i: 50 MP (f / 1.8, main) + 2 MP (f / 2.4, macro) + 2 MP (f / 2.4, depth); 16 MP, f / 2.1 lens, front.

Motorola doesn’t usually offer good cameras, while Realme is generally praised. But there is nothing black and white when we analyze products, and here we have a comparison that defies the logic of anyone who thinks so.

The Moto G32 isn’t a great place to take photos and videos, but it’s a bit better than the Realme 9i. The texture level is a bit better, and the dynamic range is more balanced. The colors of both leave something to be desired, subtle and faded.

In selfies, Realme’s larger aperture theoretically yields clearer photos. But without good dynamic range, it results in bloated images in important areas. Once again, the Moto G32 does a slightly better job.

They both shoot at 1080p with both the main set and the front camera. The videos have only reasonable stability, and they are only good for occasional recordings.

Moto G32: Photo Examples

External Macro Camera

Felipe Junquera / Canaltech

Realme 9i: photo examples


Despite the equal capacity of 5,000mAh, we had an advantage when using the Moto G32. Motorola’s less-modified software, along with the lower-brightness display, can get up to three days of use away from a power outlet.

Realme 9i has good autonomy too, but not by much. It is possible to get two days out of the port, but with more difficulty. Again, the Motorola cell phone has an advantage, although both are good for those who don’t like to carry their cell phone around all the time.

Even when reloading, we have a good fight. This time, with a slight advantage over the Realme model, which has a 33W charger, but Motorola is getting close to 30W. They both recharge in about an hour and a half, starting at 0%.

Moto G32 vs Realme 9i: which one is worth?

In comparison, Moto G32 and Realme 9i showed more similarities than differences. The biggest drawback of the Motorola phone to its competitor is the brightness of the screen. On the other hand, the usage time and the cameras are a bit better.

However, I would recommend it to anyone in doubt between the two, regardless of what type of interface they prefer. If you like something simple, without a lot of features, which can get in the way more than help, then the Moto G32 is the right fit.

Now, if your preference is a more customizable interface, Realme 9i has plenty of additional features to explore.

The price of both is about 1400 BRL. The only catch is that the Realme 9i sold at this price is offered by importers. The product is already in Brazil, but does not have a 12-month warranty from the company.