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MotoGP, time attack is once again Miguel Oliveira’s Achilles heel

MotoGP, time attack is once again Miguel Oliveira’s Achilles heel

Written by Bernardo Figueiredo on 22 September 2023 at 13:26

Miguel Oliveira finished 17th today in both practice rounds for the Indian Grand Prix, meaning he will have to pass Q1 tomorrow. The Portuguese did not show bad pace throughout the second session, but after that he did not improve enough in his time attack, and it is also true that he received the yellow flag in what would be his last attempt.

Starting from the first free practice session, Miguel Oliveira finished far outside the top ten, although it must be remembered that the first session has no relevance when determining who makes it directly to the second division. However, in a session where everyone was discovering a new track, Oliveira finished 17th with a time of 1:47.419 minutes. In the end, the Portuguese driver completed a total of 23 laps and finished the race 1.429 seconds behind Marco Betsicchi, the fastest of the session.

Arriving at the second session, crucial to determining who will move directly to Q2 tomorrow, the Portuguese driver finished in exactly the same position, although the pace before the time attack was not bad, allowing him to enter the top ten several times. However, as has happened several times this season, he later failed to do enough in attack to get into the top ten. It should be noted that the Portuguese driver was unable to improve his time on the last lap, after receiving yellow flags in sectors 2 and 3 after Takaaki Nakagami fell. With all this, the Portuguese finished the race 1.081 seconds behind Luca Marini and will have to pass Q1 tomorrow.

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