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Mount Everest – Feedback: – Dirty

Mount Everest – Feedback: – Dirty

– It's so dirty now.

Clear speech from Kancha Sherpa.

The 91-year-old is the last survivor of the Sherpas who participated in the first successful expedition to Mount Everest in 1953. He spoke on Saturday with… AP news agency.

He reacts strongly to the situation on the highest mountain in the world.

This year's Mount Everest climbing season looks set to be the deadliest ever. Several clips posted on social media show long queues on the way to the top of the highest mountain in the world. Reporter: Jostein Sletten/Dagbladet
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– Our greatest God

For many years he wrote about the trash on the mountain.

Kancha Sherpa believes that the authorities should reduce the number of people allowed to climb the mountain, and that those who do climb should show more respect.

Some climbers throw their waste into the crevasse, which is hidden at the time, but it will eventually flow into the base camp when the snow melts and carries it down, says Kancha.

He explains that the Sherpas consider the mountain a god and perform religious rituals before climbing the mountain.

– They should not pollute the mountain. He is our greatest god and they should not defile the gods,” says Kancha.

Litter: This photo from 2018 shows equipment and garbage left at Camp 4 on Mount Everest in 2018. Photo: AFP/NTB
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It stinks

Last February, Mingma Sherpa, leader of the remote Pasang Lamu community in Nepal, complained that the mountain smelled bad.

-We receive complaints that human feces are clearly visible in the terrain. Some climbers also get sick. This is unacceptable and erodes “our image,” Mingham Sherpa added. BBC.

In 2018, Pemba Dorje Sherpa raced against litter on the mountain.

-It's disgusting and looks terrible. Pemba Dorji, who had climbed to the summit 18 times at the time, said there was tons of garbage on the mountain.

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