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“Mourinho left, but…”  Ryanair is promoting new routes for the 'private' flight.

“Mourinho left, but…” Ryanair is promoting new routes for the 'private' flight.

The airline will have seven new routes and this was announced following the departure of the Portuguese coach from Roma.

Ryanair announced on Tuesday that it will have new routes from Italy in the summer. Dubrovnik, Gdańsk, Gothenburg, Lisbon, Malta, Paris and Riga are the seven destinations to which it will be possible to fly from Italy, according to the airline. low cost, Who took the opportunity to announce the creation of 60 new job opportunities. The company will also add two new B737 aircraft to its Rome fleet.

Ryanair chose to make this communication creatively on social media and use recent developments in the career of Jose Mourinho, who left Roma last week: “Mourinho is gone but it's not all bad news for Roma.”

Michael O'Leary, Ryanair CEO, says: “As Italy's leading airline, we are delighted to announce seven new routes from Rome in summer 2024, increasing our offering of low-fare destinations in Italy as Ryanair continues to deliver more traffic, more jobs and Lower prices than any other airline in Italy.

Just on Tuesday, the company announced a new partnership with the travel agency Connected “Love Holidays” for your customers who want to book holiday packages at a low price. Through this agreement, 'loveholidays' customers can purchase Ryanair flights, seats and baggage as part of their holiday package at low Ryanair prices.

This partnership also ensures that Ryanair flight information is delivered directly to each customer's email, including pre-departure information about the company's terms and conditions.