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Mourinho's (surprising) choice of the best player in Europe

Mourinho’s (surprising) choice of the best player in Europe

JIanluigi Donnarumma was named European Footballer of the Year after Italy beat England on penalties. But, in Jose Mourinho’s opinion, the cup should have another recipient.

In a statement he gave this Monday to the British Broadcasting Corporation, Mr TalkSPORTRoma’s new coach has not been stingy with his praises of Kyle Walker, whom he undoubtedly considers his “player of the tournament”.

He began by saying: “Kyle Walker was exceptional. From the first minute of the competition until he was substituted in the final, he was fantastic. He covered the central defender on the other side. I don’t remember losing him in a single duel.”

“He didn’t advance as much as he normally does at the club because of a strategic choice. When I call a player an animal, that’s the best compliment I can give. Kyle Walker was an absolute animal. For me, it was amazing. From the first minute to the last minute.”

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