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Mouse infection never seen before invades Western Australia

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Up to 600 rats were caught overnight and three others have been admitted to hospital for bites – Australia’s mouse plague will soon become the worst in history.

Small, loud and stressful. A Mouse Blake is now invading Australia, Due Powerful reproductive ability This type of rodent and Small control From the authorities. Between the barns, the furniture and the streets, they exit Stool explosives People take hours a day to clean up. The government wants to get down to business In fact.

A public health issue

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The worst affected areas in Australia are Queensland and New South Wales. Both are infested with rodents, which are litter On the streets, The Public spaces And this Private properties. The main vulnerability, according to Live Science, Farmers, shopkeepers and other citizens describing the situation “A complete plague“.

The problem does not stop there. Needed for various hotels Close your doors, Because the animals occupied the rooms. Some farmers already They lost the crops of the season Due to uncontrolled rodents. A common factor unites workers from different professions: Failed to eliminate root problem.

Announced a local heart attack 600 rats a night. Also, at least three people have been admitted to public hospitals Mouse bite victims, Depending on coverage Defender. As the days go by, Australian officials agree to list the issue together Public health.

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A bad problem of agriculture

Plague of rats
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According to Steve Henry, a researcher at CSIRO (National Institute of Science in Australia), mouse infections are a consequence Especially the abundant harvest Cereals in national sectors. This Attracted more rodents to the countryside and farms, With the intention of Eating those resources. However, the problem is out of control:

“They start breeding early, and because there is a lot of food and shelter in this system, they continue to breed from early spring until fall,” the expert said.

Although the locals tried Protect Yourself From Fraud and Other Controls, They have achieved very little. The Toxic stimulants Since adult females can reproduce every three weeks, they have not been successful in ending the plague.

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The main concern of the Australian government is the spread of rats to humans. In the midst of infection by COVID-19, The Animal-borne infections Humans are monitored with particular attention. Pieces of feces left by rats The process is even more complicated.

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