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Mozilla Firefox 100 novidades browser

Mozilla has achieved another goal! Firefox has reached version 100 with new features

Over the past few years, Mozilla has changed a lot in Firefox. This is still basically the same browser, but now it has new features and presents itself as one of the few alternatives that don’t rely on Google and Chromium.

With this important role in hand, Mozilla has now reached a historic milestone. Firefox has reached version 100 and introduces many new features, which users can explore right away and that will elevate this browser even further.

The Internet looked at Firefox with interest. Options have been falling behind other proposals, which are gaining space in the browser market. Mozilla wants to counter this scenario and this is now visible in version 100 of this browser.

To celebrate this change, Mozilla is now offering subtitles in Picture-in-Picture mode to YouTube, Prime Video, and Netflix. Simply activate the translation on these services and it will appear normally in PiP mode. This mode now also supports subtitles in WebVTT (Web Video Text Track) format.

New new browser for Mozilla Firefox 100

Furthermore, and still in the video realm, Firefox 100 supports HDR video on macOS and hardware-accelerated AV1 video on Windows. Moreover, users of Linux and Windows versions now have thinner scroll bars that do not take up space by default.

To help users, during the first launch of Firefox 100, the browser will check that the language matches the language of the operating system. Ai will present the option to change to the intended option. This makes this change easier.

Firefox Spell Check now checks spelling in multiple languages. These must be enabled in the context menu of text fields. Of course, Mozilla is still focused on Solve various problems Those previous versions of this browser.

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on after one month Since Google and Chrome have come to this same release, now it is the turn of this internet icon to reach this important milestone. The developments will continue and Mozilla will definitely offer more, to make Firefox even more interesting.