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MUDMASTER GWG-2000: Casio lança relógio G-SHOCK com material utilizado na aviação

MUDMASTER GWG-2000: Casio launches the G-SHOCK watch with aviation materials

Casio recently launched MUDMASTER GWG-2000 from the G-SHOCK line, which features forged carbon in its construction. The materials used in racing and aviation cars ensure greater resistance to the watch. Therefore, the watch has a protection against mud and is suitable for those who are hiking or climbing.

According to the company, the watch is designed to be used in terrestrial environments under harsh conditions. The The MUDMASTER GWG-2000 features high shock resistance as well as mud and dust resistant buttons. In addition, the watch also has illumination for dark environments, a barometer and a temperature indicator.

The base of the watch is made of lightweight and highly durable resin to provide comfort while the watch wearer holds the device on their wrist. The bracelet has a non-slip texture, giving the watch a sporty look. The model arrives on the market in three color options: monochrome gray (GWG-2000-1A1), military khaki (GWG-2000-1A3) and sand beige (GWG-2000-1A5).

high strength material

Forged carbon is a term that represents the union of two processes. First, an alloy of metal is needed, carbon steel, which then goes through the forging process. The intent of the forging process is to take a metal alloy, in this case carbon steel, and repeatedly compress the heated piece of metal into a specific shape.

Forging is usually used to make parts resistant to high temperature and pressure conditions, as well as to provide greater resistance to forged alloys. The forging process also eliminates defects in the metal alloy structure, increasing the safety of the material used.

Hardware designed with hammered carbon is sure to deliver a high degree of strength, and the MUDMASTER GWG-2000 is the perfect watch for the wearer who enjoys adventures on land and isn’t afraid to get dirty while playing sports.

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Source: Casio G-Shock