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Multiple vaccination boosts polio campaign

Multiple vaccination boosts polio campaign

Multiple vaccination boosts polio campaign

Published on 09/04/2022 at 08:03

In the multiple vaccination campaign carried out on Saturday (03), carefully in UBS Hortolândia and in Clínica da Família II, in the Almerinda Chaves neighborhood, the movement was intense both in immunization against polio and in doses against Covid-19, Covid-19 and Covid- 19 and Covid-19 influenza, with 1,950 doses used in total.

In UBS Hortolândia, 1,343 doses have been applied, with 820 Covid, 166 against polio, 81 updates and 276 against influenza. At the second family clinic, the total was 607 doses, including 318 against Covid-19, 104 against influenza, 80 routine doses, and 105 against polio.

Vaccines for influenza (6 months of age) and polio vaccines (1 to 4 years of age) remain available, as well as demand for updates.

It included doses against Covid-19 D4 for people over 18 who had received D3 for at least four months (122 days), as well as the Coronavac immunization for children aged 3 to 4 years.

“Commitment is still considered low, so we stress the need to look for UBSs for updates, as well as the vaccination center, in the Administrative City (formerly Seniors Nursery), Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 a.m.: 30 p.m., point Exclusive for immunization against Covid-19 and influenza”, reinforced Maria do Carmo Posident, Coordinator of Epidemiological Surveillance.

This week, flu vaccinations (from 6 months of age) and polio (from 1 to 4 years old) remain available, as well as demand for updates. It is important to provide the vaccination brochure and identification document. If a person does not have evidence of vaccination against Covid-19, another vaccination may be issued immediately.

Mayara and Renan take little Olivia to fight polio
Caíque sought UBS Hortolândia to take potions against Covid-19 and influenza

Renan and Mayara Bianchi, residents of Vila Nova Jundiainópolis, took their two-year-old daughter Olivia to take the medication. “Saturdays make it a lot easier, because it allows for flexible schedules. Here we are doing our part,” recalls Miara.

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Caíque Bonatti, 27, took advantage of the day to take the fourth dose against Covid-19, in addition to the flu. “I work in São Paulo, so I came today. Prevention is very important, especially now that many people have already resumed their face-to-face activities at work,” said a Horto Santo Antonio resident.

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