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Mum returns daughter's Christmas gift after 'ungrateful' reaction.

Mum returns daughter's Christmas gift after 'ungrateful' reaction.

WBuying gifts for your children can be difficult. However, this single mother faced the added pressure of buying gifts for three children on her own, as their father decided to no longer be part of the equation.

This woman, who took to Reddit to vent, decided to talk to her daughters and explain the situation.

“I have three daughters. The twins, they are 11, and the other is 16,” he began to explain.

“My ex-husband is no longer around to spoil them like he used to. Our divorce was finalized exactly a year ago and since then he has changed his number and has not bothered to contact our daughters. I work long hours as a nurse and do my best to support three girls. I am still doing my best “To find him because he did not pay his pension.”

So, to control expenses, he asked his daughters what they wanted for Christmas.

“My 11-year-olds wanted a Nintendo Switch with the latest Pokémon game, and my 16-year-old wanted an iPad Pro with a Pencil. I do my best for my girls, but unfortunately I'm on a limited budget. I told my daughter it would be “It is very difficult to be able to buy an iPad Pro, but I will do my best.”

Without the budget to buy the iPad she wanted, this mother bought a Samsung tablet for 147 euros. “Fast forward to Christmas Day and when the girls opened their presents, the twins were happy to receive the gift, but my eldest daughter, who was 16, threw a tantrum because she didn't want an iPad Pro. I told him I didn't want it. 'I don't have the money for one My tablet is 730 euros, so I bought a tablet from a very good brand.”

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The eldest daughter was disappointed with the gift and expressed her frustration, sparking a heated discussion with this mother. He added: “She started screaming at me, calling me the worst mother ever, saying that she missed her father. I told her that if she missed her father so much, she should call him, even though I knew he had changed his number.” The mother added that she tried to make the girl realize that her father no longer exists.

The woman says she eventually returned the tablet, and even though she knew the teen was going through a divorce, she needed to learn a lesson.

Opinions were divided in the comments. Many understood the mother, but some comments argued that the young woman was still trying to understand her father's separation.

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