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Municipalities adhere to the campaign from Sunday to Sunday; The population was vaccinated on Saturday

The State Department of Health (Sesa) has registered vaccination measures against Covid-19 in this

The State Department of Health (Sesa) recorded Covid-19 vaccination measures on Saturday (12) in the 22 regional health departments of Paraná. This initiative is part of the state government’s “Sunday to Sunday” vaccination campaign.

On Friday (11), Governor Carlos Massa Ratiño Jr stressed the importance of accelerating Vaccination in all health areas.

“The regional health departments have accepted the governor’s request and are working to support the municipalities to strengthen immunization measures and make the vaccine reach the population as quickly as possible,” said Minister of State for Health Beto Brito.
pregnant women – Sesa issued a technical note on Friday (11) allowing pregnant and postpartum women to be vaccinated without comorbidities in the government’s Covid-19 vaccination plan. The state government’s decision is based on maternal mortality data which shows that in the first five months of this year alone, 67% of deaths are suspected of being infected with Covid-19.

This Saturday (12), the municipality of Irati registered a high demand for vaccination in this group. “It is very exciting to see these women running around in search of vaccination, right after Cisa’s new orientation. There is no doubt that there is a great desire in these pregnant and postpartum women for immunization,” said Irati’s 4th Regional Health Director, Walter Trevisan.

More Dosing – This week the state government sent 182,520 doses of the vaccine from Pfizer/BioNTech to the state’s 22 regional health departments, with 37,440 on Monday (7), 145,080 on Friday (11).

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Paraná is waiting next week to send at least 150,000 doses of Janssen vaccine. The Ministry of Health said it will start distributing these doses to states from Wednesday (16). This will be the first batch of fortifying agent manufactured by Johnson & Johnson distributed in Brazil.