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Muriel reveals touching secrets about Robin Pierre Balmate (video)

Muriel reveals touching secrets about Robin Pierre Balmate (video)

In On the one hand, Monday January 10, Muriel Robin returns to his beautiful friendship with Pierre Palmede before provoking the comedian’s mistakes.

Muriel was a guest of Robin Natalie Levy On the one hand On Canal +, yesterday, Monday January 10. To the actress Carol Bouquet on the same show, the comedian replied that she may have kissed him in another life. A compliment that surprised and flattered Ann Le Nen’s wife. He was very impressed by the review of the pictures of Guy Pedos who sang the duet on stage. “A Big Brother”. “I loved him so much, it’s hard without him.” She wiped away the tears. The artist testified that he was complicit with another comedian, Pierre Palmede, who was very close to him.

Pierre Palmedu knows how to make Muriel make Robin laugh

Line was Renat’s friend, announcing it’s brother or son, and she liked it and remembered her hostess. She praised him too. “I wanted them to be like him anyway, very bright, gentle, true, touchable, kind”, She found out. The journalist asked him what Pierre Balmate was bringing. “It makes me laugh, there are very few people who make me laugh. He always makes me laugh. He’s funnier than me, I think. He is an incredible writer“, She added. But at another point on the show, Muriel Robin spoke eloquently of his friend’s deep flaws.

“It’s complicated and it makes me sad”

When choosing who the man of his life was from Pierre Palmett or Michael Poochet, he believed he had saved his life, and the actress was hesitant before mentioning them as son and father.He has a problem in life, Then she blunted, pointing to a portrait of her lifelong partner. He does a little worse than me. It’s complicated and makes me sad. He deserves moments of joy. Happily though, we have no idea what it is. I feel the urge to hug him when I see him like that. I love him, that’s all. He knows it makes him a little ‘pasounet’. She added affectionately.

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