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Muscle relaxants hinder hypertrophy? | capital Cities

An orthopedic surgeon explains the differences in significance between a muscle relaxant and an analgesic for injuries caused by physical activity

Muscle relaxants are used for sprains, muscle tension, torticollis, and spasms, with the aim of relieving pain. Still, some people are skeptical about whether the drug can be used for pain relief after physical activity, for fear that it might disrupt inflation.

Inflation is associated with several factors, including training, sleep, stress, and levels of cortisol, which is the substance produced by the body itself and hinders this problem, i.e. fatigue.

According to orthopedic surgeon and sports trauma specialist Alberto de Castro Puccini, there is no evidence that the drug interferes with inflation when used to relieve pain from physical activity.

“What is there is that anti-inflammatory medication can disrupt the healing process of a muscle injury. We usually use painkillers for muscle injuries. We only indicate anti-inflammatories when the pain is severe,” says Puccini.

Here are some tips for gaining muscle mass faster:

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To gain muscle mass, you need to follow a routine with regular physical activity and a diet rich in protein sources.
The repetition of the exercise should be slow, especially in the phase of muscle contraction. Thus, gaining muscle mass will be more effective during the muscle recovery period.

Do not stop exercising as soon as you feel pain or burning. This occurs when white muscle fibers begin to break down, causing them to swell during the recovery period.
Practice three to five times a week. But, switch muscle groups. The rest is the key to inflation

Follow a healthy diet rich in protein. They are responsible for maintaining muscle fibers and are directly related to hypertrophy.
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Change training regularly, every four or five weeks, to avoid muscle adaptation, which can interfere with the hypertrophy process
An expert teaches how to train the butt

Don’t stop when you reach the goal to avoid losing the definition you’ve reached. In general, muscle mass loss can be seen in just 15 days without training
Maintaining a structured routine helps increase muscle

Sleep rhythm affects results

Therefore, there should be a distinction between the concept of muscle relaxant and anti-inflammatory. The first is not potentially harmful like anti-inflammatories, which have the effect of eliminating inflammation and pain and may be harmful to structures, such as stomach discomfort or a kidney problem.

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