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Muscle version of the €20,000 Cobra walks well - The Observer

Muscle version of the €20,000 Cobra walks well – The Observer

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After admiring the UrbanRebel, a small/large electric sports car concept that reveals, in essence, the Next city base for Cobra batterySpanish sports brand Seat felt the need to prove that its prototype is not only capable of trading on its own, but doing so very quickly.

The Cupra is spearheading SEAT’s strategy to build the Volkswagen Group’s small trams in Spain. Existing VW e-up successors can be manufactured! And the Skoda Citigo iV and Seat Mii Electric next door, if Seat can convince the German giant of their competence, bolstered with the help of the Spanish government.

To make it clear that it’s not joking in the service, remember that the Cupra, in its infancy, emerged as the seat competition division, specializing in the design and production of racing cars, created the UrbanRebel brand, Not the small sports car you’ll be producing from 2025 onwards, but a model fit for the track tomorrow. And to prove it, the Cobra made its debut on the brand’s test track.

The “pilot” and video presenter is Cupra’s Vice President of Research and Development (R&D), Werner Tietz. The German got behind the wheel and showed UrbanRebel going well, with 335 hp with continuous acceleration, reaching 429 hp at peak, allowing you to do 3.2 seconds from 0-100 km/h. Watch how it all works:

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