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Musk can donate $6 billion to end world hunger

World hunger has followed several generations, and the wealth of millionaires and some organizations and corporations is often cited as the solution to it. Despite the title dwindling, Elon Musk has been mentioned as the richest man on the planet, and the media recently reported that 2% of his fortune could solve the problem.

Faced with this, Musk said he would donate $6 billion if the United Nations could substantiate the allegations.

newly, David BeasleyThe head of the United Nations World Food Program has called on billionaires to help 43 countries struggling with economic disadvantages left by the COVID-19 virus and struggling with climate change.

Besides the increase in Tesla's stock price, it has wealth growth Elon Musk's staff has been the subject of the media. Subsequently, the CEO of the electric car maker, as well as Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, were chosen as the possible solution to the problem of world hunger. Although he has remained silent thus far, Elon Musk ended up breaking the silence on Twitter.

Eli David, a researcher who has been tweeting about COVID-19 vaccines and wearing masks, as well as the Climate Summit, shared a CNN report that suggested 2% of Elon Musk's fortune could solve the world's hunger problem.

In response, Musk said that if the WFP could describe exactly how it would solve $6 billion in world hunger, as well as how that amount would be applied in practice, he would forgo it.

Then David Beasley appeared and confirmed The money the World Food Program intends to raise will not solve the problem of world hunger. In turn, it will prevent political instability and mass migration. In this way, 42 million people will be saved from starvation.

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