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Musk fires his entire team and dismantles the charging network

Musk fires his entire team and dismantles the charging network

Jacob Harter/Flickr

Tesla charger

All those responsible for the superchargers have been fired. It is a sudden decision that surprises even on an internal level.

Elon Musk had already warned that more than 10% of the company's employees would be fired Tesla. He complies, and the company's restructuring continues.

This Tuesday's newspaper Financial Times I know that Musk fired the entire team behind Superchargers.

Chargers are High power charging stations, made specifically for Tesla vehicles. a The battery recharges in minutes. These special chargers are found at gas stations, restaurants, or shopping malls.

And One of the largest shipping networks in the world – and was essential for Tesla's leadership in the electric car sector.

But this decision raises questions about the future of Tesla's charging business. Which color Musk dismantles the charging network From the tram, as shown in Forum Magazine.

The action was announced internally: the dismissal of two senior executives and about 500 other employees. They are all connected to superchargers.

an agency Reuters He adds that this “A sudden decision The Tesla owner was even surprised internally – teams were preparing to assemble new cars ready for the Supercharger network – and Tesla customers left 'in the dark'. The future, as it is enhanced, has many questions.

However, Musk has already confirmed that Tesla plans to expand the Supercharger range, but at a “slower pace” and with more focus on expanding existing locations.