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Musk reveals his AI and creates suspense “It wouldn’t be politically correct”

Musk reveals his AI and creates suspense “It wouldn’t be politically correct”

Last Wednesday, the 12th, Elon Musk announced the creation of a new company focused specifically on artificial intelligence (AI). The billionaire-led project, called xAI, seeks to “understand the true nature of the universe” and arrives after long planning to develop a competitor to ChatGPT.

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On Friday, the 14th, he already made a presentation showing some details about the tool that the new company would provide; However, he noted that the feature would not undergo training to be politically correct. I wonder what comes?

According to the information disclosed, the owner Twitter He stated that the new project will compete with Open AI, Google and Microsoft. In a presentation that lasted only about two hours via audio, Musk didn’t say much about what would be released, nor when it would be available, who would be able to access it or whether it would be a paid feature.

Musk’s new AI will not be politically correct

In his speech, the billionaire compared his new project to the popular one Chatbots For now, by saying that these tools usually do not answer questions of a biased or violent nature. This means, to him, that the devices are being trained to be politically correct. According to him, this can be a danger, as they can be programmed not to give answers that they think are correct.

To embody his opinion, the billionaire used the movie “2001: A Space Odyssey”, where problems began to arise when the supercomputer Hal 9000 received requests for lies.

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Also during the presentation, the billionaire said that 11 professionals are working on the project. Many of them have worked for such giants as Microsoft and OpenAI. The team confirmed it systems Artificial intelligence will be an important point for the development of the idea, but setting standards is still in the beginning.

According to the group, the goal is to create a safe, truth-seeking AI. When answering one of the questions posed by users, Musk explained that the xAI training would contain public tweets, something the companies had done illegally, he said.

The billionaire also said that he is considering OpenAI, the developer of chat, a voracious company. Previously, he was part of the company’s co-founders, but ended up quitting in 2018 due to a conflict of interest.