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Mustafa Ali asks to leave WWE

Mustafa Ali asks to leave WWE

Mustafa Ali He is a very talented fighter but despite his passing in Taksim cruiser And the first few weeks in main menuHe was someone of little use in the company.

Mustafa Ali revealed, on Sunday, through a message on social media, that he asked to leave the site WWE.

In a short video, a written message appears in which the fighter explains that he has a message far greater than his dreams in a world wrestlingAnd despite all his efforts, he would never be able to pass on that message while in WWE, which is why he asked to leave the company.

Whether WWE will let Mustafa Ali go, as he wants, is a question in the next few days. As a rule, the company does not allow any fighter to leave whenever he wants, especially after announcing it on social media, but Final example by Tony Storm It may indicate that the current position is contrary.

Mustafa Ali’s last match in WWE took place on October 29, 2021, when he lost in two minutes to Drew McIntyre, after also losing to Drew McIntyre. victorious last week.

Do you think Mustafa Ali is right in asking to leave WWE?

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