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My access may increase the intensity ″

My access may increase the intensity ″



FC Porto has officially hired handball player Pedro Valdes.

Porto Club announced on Sunday morning the official signing of Pedro Valdes for the handball team. The left-back, born in Cuba, has been representing Sporting since 2017, having signed a contract with the Dragons for four seasons, until 2025.

The 26-year-old, who also represented Avanaca in Portugal, did not hide his enthusiasm for the new step in his career. “I am excited and happy to start this new phase in my life. It is a club that is growing in Portuguese and European handball and I really want to start,” he told the club’s official media.

“I think I’m a physically strong athlete, I can give a lot in attack and even in defense. I think FC Porto is a team that depends on that, defense and counterattack, and I think my arrival can sharpen the intensity in my new teammates,” said the player, who also spoke about his new teammates, And coach Magnus Anderson did not forget.

“The team is very united, I have many friends in this team, the Cubans above all, but also the Portuguese. It is a team that is physically strong, defends well, and in which the players are very close to each other in every way. It motivated me to make this decision. Indeed. Porto club reaching the level it is today is due to the work of Magnus Anderson and Carlos Martingo. They have done an exceptional job so that the team always remains in the best positions”, he praised.

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