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- My God!  Titanic 2.0 - VG

– My God! Titanic 2.0 – VG

Benjamin Talbot shows the video he took of the ship as a prop on the glacier.

Benjamin Talbot witnessed the drama when the Norwegian Sun hit an iceberg – and had to return to Seattle for repairs.


CNN reports That the ship was on its way to Hubbard Glacier in Alaska when it encountered a portion of an iceberg, also known as “rumbling.”

The ship sustained damage at the front on the starboard side, but was deemed safe enough to sail calmly to Seattle where the ship had to be repaired.

American Benjamin Talbot was on board when the collision occurred.

He filmed the engagement and the video has been shared multiple times on social media and now has over 30 million views – watch the video here:

In the video, we hear Talbot saying “Oh my God! Titanic 2.0ยป.

To the Associated Press, he says He could feel the entire ship suddenly shaking. Then he picked up the phone and started shooting.

– I was surprised by the size of the iceberg. At first I thought it was small, but then it got bigger and bigger, he told the newspaper.

He says that after the collision, many of the guests on the ship decided to throw a party to lift the mood.

According to the US Coast Guard, no one was hurt after the encounter with the iceberg.

The Norwegian Sun cruise ship to port.

Norwegian Sun, owned by Norwegian Cruise Line, is a cruise ship whose main port was Seattle. The ship travels from Seattle to Alaska and offers cruises where the Alaskan glaciers are, among other things, a major attraction. The ship is registered in the Bahamas.

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Norwegian Cruise Line was founded in 1966 by Norwegian Knut Kloster, but was later sold and now has American owners.