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"My life has no secret"

“My life has no secret”

to me Like Francisco Rodriguez dos Santos, Catarina Martins was invited on TVI’s Dois at 10 to talk to Maria Botelho Moniz about some aspects of her private life.

Motherhood was one of the topics that characterized the conversation. Being the mother of two girls, Bloco de Esquerda leader said she has a similar profile to that of many other moms.

When asked if she’s more relaxed or demanding, Catarina Martins said she “has a little bit of both.” “My life has no secrets, I am married to the same person [Pedro Carreira] For many years, we have two daughters. “We have tried the possible balance of a life divided between Porto and Lisbon,” he added.

Without giving details about the family relationship, Catarina Martins confirmed that she likes to maintain the privacy of those close to her.

“When they want to have a public life, they are going to have it for what they choose to do and not for my choice. I think it’s important, especially with my daughters, that they have the space to be themselves, and make friends that grow independently of me.”

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