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My Little Brother Lifesaver (4): Drowned himself

My Little Brother Lifesaver (4): Drowned himself

On July 23, a family of six was struck by a terrible tragedy during their annual vacation trip to the Missouri River, near Pine Landing in Forest City, Missouri.

In an interview with today On NBC, mom Nikki Harris says Asher (4) and Hailsley (6) were standing in the shallow part of the river with their older brother Alex (18 years).

Suddenly the bottom faded under the age of four. Helpless, he was pulled into the river by the strong current.

Alex grabbed Asher to save him. Then he tried to swim toward shore while fighting to not drown them, the mother explains.

Cry for help

The parents heard desperate cries from the river and came running.

– The water was moving so fast, I’ve never seen anything like it, says the father in an interview with NBC.

Maura arrived first and was able to take Asher with her. But the parents had to watch helplessly as Alex disappeared beneath them.

I saw him leave the roof and disappear under it, says Nikki Harris.

– I saw from afar how exhausted Alex was. I tried as fast as I could to get there.

Son’s tribute

In an open post on Facebook, his father, Tyson Harris, shared a photo and a touching tribute to the son he has tragically lost.

“My son Alex died yesterday in a drowning accident while rescuing his little brother”The celebration begins.

“If it wasn’t for him holding him until his mother arrived, they would both be dead. I love you and I wish I could take your place. You are a hero, son.”

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Internet newspaper today The father states that the four-year-old understands that Alex saved his life.

– But I don’t think he understands that he will never come back.