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“My picture has been subjected to violence and abuse” - current events

“My picture has been subjected to violence and abuse” – current events

Some time ago, Catarina Furtado was highlighting on her Instagram page that her photo is being used, without her consent, to “sell” weight loss “products”. A topic that’s still up there, with the RTP presenter to highlight it again on the social network on Sunday.

Sharing the news about her new RTP, “É Urgente o Amor”, the public figure did not fail to notice the advertisement that was on the same page.

He began by saying, “In this communication there is an absolute lie and an absolute truth. In recent years my image has been subjected to violence and abuse for selling ‘products’ to lose weight.”

“I have never used products for weight loss until today, and if I have, I will share it here if it is my business commitment resulting from my belief in their reliability. PLEASE: Before buying, ask by private message, which I will always answer, if they may believe Or do they not believe in the various montages of my photos (they were taken with enormous brazenness from other contexts and even assuming they were interviews I did, without ever giving them)”, he highlighted then, noting that the referenced “products are a way to steal money.”

“Look at how this ‘news’ is written: it is misspelled, with ‘information’ sometimes declaring that I have lost 40 kilos,” he added, referring to the advertisement appearing in the news about his program on RTP.

“When did I have another 40 kilos?! And if I had, I would share with you my eating plan and healthy habits as I’ve always been promoting, here, my trustworthy content site! I’ve always championed healthy eating, exercise for some kind of physical exercise and discipline” .

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“I am so grateful and have the added responsibility of knowing that studies point to me as one of the public figures in which the public attributes the credibility factor, so I feel even more incensed by these scams that, unfortunately, many people still fall for,” she continued.

It should be noted that “É Urgente o Amor” is about to premiere on RTP. “Stay tuned,” he said, talking about this new format.

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