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“My son goes to school in a floral skirt and jacket,” says Romana.

“My son goes to school in a floral skirt and jacket,” says Romana.

After the controversial photo in which her five-year-old son appeared in a skirt, Manuel Luis Gauche called Romana on Friday afternoon, 25, to talk about the freedom it gave little Ian to wear feminine clothing and accessories.

“Santiago [Romero] He was an amazing, wonderful companion and a great father. We talked a lot about whether that was true [o filho levar saia para a escola]🇧🇷 What I was afraid of was that someone at school would make fun of him and that I wouldn’t be there to protect and defend him. But he has such a confident attitude … “He began saying.

🇧🇷[O Ian] He goes to school in a floral skirt and nightgown.”I continued.

Romana said her son “was frustrated every morning because he wasn’t the way he would like.” 🇧🇷He told me, “I like girl stuff.” I didn’t see anything wrong with that. I spoke with the teachers, with the assistants, all amazed and with wonderful frankness, who said to me: ‘He’s a kid, he’s well-educated, he’s kind, he’s smart, why not? let it be'”he added.

With a relief in her heart after realizing that little Ian has the support of teachers and assistants at school, Romana decides that her son should have the freedom to wear the clothes he feels best in.

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