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My son the most style Carlos Manuel ::

if Roger Schmidt Being placed in the options for the match against FC Porto, Chiquinho reached the mark 100 games Benfica shirt. The midfielder lived for real roller coaster, Since reaching the red, definitively, in 2019/2020, between an alternative status, indisputable and borrowed.

World Cup break, departure Enzo Fernandez The new position helped the Al-Nusour coach consider him essential. a zero zero Learn about the origins of the player and understand the new rise of the 27-year-old midfielder.

Francisco Machado Chiquinho, son of a modest middle-class family, first introduced himself to football in a tournament: «It started in a tournament in São Salvador do Campo», the player’s father, Mr. Ferreira. Chiquinho was already at home.

The father went after his son’s dream, all because he saw that there was a quality: «I put him in Rorez, right next to the house, and Lorez had a partnership with Good view and the Pastry maker. They go to the club to pick up several kids and Chiquinho is also included. There were parents who did not want to accompany their children or I did not have the opportunity for them, but I always accompanied my sons. At one time we went every day, from the suburbs of Vizela to Porto, where he played for both clubs, Pastelera and Boavista. »

WhatThe position he currently occupies is, as far as I am concerned, the most favorable to his characteristics

Paulo Silva, former assistant coach of the Leixes Under-19s

it is in suckling pigs That Chiquinho spends more time: in total there are seven seasons. There he began his maturity as a player, but he was far from the position he occupies now. Paolo Silvacurrent U-17 coach Bsea ​​childrenwas an assistant coach in 2012/13 when Chiquinho, who was still 17 years old, was already playing for the Under-19 team of Matosinhos Banner.

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“I always looked at Chiquinho as a different player, but he had some disabilitiesWhich pushed him in training to positions other than what suits him ». Paulo Silva sees this position, which the Benfica midfielder is currently playing, as his position, but it was hidden in the formation: «This position that he is currently playing, for me, is the most suitable for his characteristics. As a result of being a smaller and thinner child, in training these children are usually pushed forward or further, so that they have more space and have fewer one-on-one duels. In this position, as a midfielder, I remember very little seeing him play in training.”

Looking back on his memory, Paulo Silva justified his statement that this was the right position for the midfielder: “He was a player who stood out in tight training sessions, because he was quick to read the game, he had really very effective short passes, he was very mobile in terms of setting up Passing lines.However, he has had more difficulty in one-on-one duels and coaching still places a lot of emphasis on the physical side.At that age, 15/16, there are kids who are more physically developed and he will end up losing and not being used in the position he is in now, which is better What suits him.

“The best we can say is that Benfica’s performance did not suffer any deficit with the regular entry of Chiquinho in 11th place.”

With 34 appearances this season, with the Eagles jersey, Chiquinho has taken some time to find the perfect position. Paulo Silva explained: “I think Roger Schmidt also felt the need to find someone for the job. The World Cup break was very beneficial for Cequinho, as it took people off the field. Now, probably through daily work and training, Roger Schmidt has realized these characteristics he had and realized that there was probably a player who, when others were not, could play that position.”

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Chiquinho’s father is of the same opinion, although highlighting his son’s versatility: “I think this position is where he performs more, but he also plays more forward, left and right.”

Mr. Ferreira does not hide his pride in seeing his son selected regularly: “It will be very special for him to reach the 100-game mark, but the more matches the better, and for a rookie, then…”

This versatility has always been one of the strengths of the athlete, but Paulo Silva highlighted the mental side: «Chichinho’s example is the best we can get when we work in training. He is an example of someone who would not be expected to have a very influential role in the Benfica team, but he managed to do so as a result of his mental ability.”

The result of this work puts the player at the door of an important round number: «If you ask me if Chiquinho, 16/17 years old, can reach this point? I thought so, but I wasn’t sure. After seeing the first and second year of my senior year, I had no doubt that I would reach and beat these numbers.”

Chiquinho plays for Benfica Jersey @ Kapta +

Comparisons aside, Paulo Silva emphasized the highest praise a player can receive: «The best we can say is that Benfica’s performance suffered no deficit with the regular entry of Chiquinho in No. 11. Enzo leaves and Chiquinho enters. What is certain is that Benfica’s performance has been maintained and may have been better in some matches. »

On the other hand, the father looked at the embodied universe: «My son is more elegant Carlos Manuelwho was a strong player and a good player. »

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“I was shaking a bit when I heard he was going to Benfica”

A Benfica fan “since the days of Eusebio”, Cecchino’s father was categorical about the feeling of seeing his son at the club of his heart: “Playing for Benfica was the greatest joy he could give me. I always dreamed of being a Benfica champion, God willing. »

But the most memorable moment was when I found out it was true, Al-Nusour signing the contract: «I was a bit shivering when I found out he was going to Benfica. Here he came home and presented a cake with the Benfica symbol on it. It was a great joy.”

Cequinho’s debut in a Benfica jersey was special for the player: he played Just Eight minutes, but in addition to celebrating the Candido de Oliveira Trophy against Sporting, he also scored a goal.

Three years, eight months and three days after his ‘dream’ start, Chiquinho is on the cusp of his 100th match and certainly has a lot to say. At the moment, there is a clear goal in mind: to be Benfica champions.