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Nadal on the end of his career: “I cannot predict such things.”

Nadal on the end of his career: “I cannot predict such things.”

The Spanish tennis player spoke about his ambitions after a year of absence

Rafael Nadal met with hundreds of his fans in the center of the Australian city of Brisbane, where he answered several questions about his return to the stadiums, after an absence of nearly a year.

“I feel good, much better than I expected. I have no complaints,” the tennis player from Mallorca began, aware of the difficulties he will face in his return to competition.

“It will be a difficult process at first. After all, I haven't been to court in a year. I have been training intensely for a month. He said in statements published on the official website of the Brisbane Championship: “I am not saying that anything is impossible, but being here is truly a victory.”

“I have to accept adversity, and I know things won't be perfect at first. “I have to maintain the right attitude and the spirit to overcome,” Nadal said.

Rafael Nadal, 37, was still facing the end of his career, but the Spanish tennis player preferred not to make predictions.

“I'm not a player who can predict such things. I also don't set myself long-term goals, because I don't see myself playing for a long time. “I will give myself the opportunity to be more competitive as the season progresses.”

The Majorcan tennis player highlighted what he missed most during this period of absence.

“When you can't compete, you lose your rhythm. Perhaps what I missed most was the feeling of being ready to compete.”

Nadal has already completed a day of training, after sharing the court with Danish Holger Rohn. In the early hours of Friday to Saturday, Nadal, who is not seeded, will meet his first opponent.