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Nagui lives in tears over the French Inter that triggered his father’s death

Nagui lives in tears over the French Inter that triggered his father’s death

On Wednesday, April 14, Nakui, a guest of France Inter, presented a new series co-produced by France 2, “The School of Life”. But when talking about his parents ’trip, both teachers, the host burst into tears and moved too much to talk about his father’s death.

Emotional queue on Wednesday France Inter on April 14th. He was invited to present a new series he was producing for France 2, Nakui noted And live The daily life of his parents, both Teachers in National Education. But when talking about his father’s death, the host burst into tears. “The day after my father died, my mother told me: I have to go to school and my students are waiting for me,” said the TV man between the two soaps. “Whatever the play that touches a teacher, a teacher respects his work and continues to come with the children and listen to what they have to say.”

A series that encourages teachers

நாகுய் He then explains that he got used to it Meet students at home, Evening. They were accompanied by his mother, a teacher of French, Latin and Greek. “People with problems always had the opportunity to come and talk to her and she kept asking for them,” says the presenter.

Then Rousseau’s fault, France 2 So let’s get started School of Life, Co-produced by Nagui on April 21st. This series Six chapters Will follow a path History-Geography Teacher Guillob LeBe played. Touched by a personal tragedy, the man would throw up his body and soul in support of his high school students.

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He said “everyone wants to take their place”

Is also in the package C to you On Wednesday, Nagui returned Death of his father. He talked about the surprise departure Everyone wants to take its place. The host confirmed him Disagreements With coproduction Build the development of the game. “It has been almost three years since I mentioned its need Update Game, only for me Renewal. I felt one Change come in Show And I “he said Parisian.

Surely France 5, he said: “To be very honest, there are definitely some people who will be disappointed or saddened by this announcement. Of course there are those who are very happy with this announcement! Nagui did not leave France Televisions However. In addition to co-products of such new projects School of Life, He is in the lead Don’t forget the lyrics And தாரதாதா.