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Named in Guarani language, the app makes science easier for students - fun

Named in Guarani language, the app makes science easier for students – fun

Nhande Arandú is a project created by UFMS groups to spread science in schools

Nhande Arandú application for artificial intelligence. (Photo: Casey Inoa)

Nhande Arandú is a new project from human intelligence to artificial intelligence to spread science in a more democratic way and through the mobile screen, through a free application.

The project was created by the Arandú Group, under the coordination of Professor Ivo Leite Filho, of the Federal University of Mato Grosso do Sul, in view of the need to present the works carried out in 2020, during the National Science and Technology Week.

With the aim of circumventing the pandemic, the project’s creators, including lead biologist, Diego Carrelli, 36, saw the idea of ​​creating an app as a means of advertising for a roving science and technology museum, where activities were tracked remotely. .

The application called Nhande Arandú, which in free translation means “wise person” in Guarani language, can be downloaded and provides free and free access to scientific content. There, Games and Logic Challenges sectors, information about great thinkers in technology, human and artificial intelligence, and videos about nanotechnology, among others, is available.

“We invited university professors so that each could better explain their field of research, along with academics and students from 10 schools in the capital and the interior, who were invited to participate in building the application,” says the biologist.

“The Arandú and Minerva groups were responsible for publishing this work, which makes a huge difference so that students do not suffer that trauma, as they did with the first contact with the university. The application is a means of knowledge to reach people, in a simple, practical and dynamic way,” he adds.

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About the name, Diego states that it is a homage to Mato Grosso do Sul and the culture of Mato Grosso do Sul, as a way of highlighting the strong influence of the Guaraní language, as a state heritage, similar to traditional Tirrere.

“The project has a very broad scope, mainly due to the integration of different degrees, I am, for example, an academic in social communication and can understand more about other fields, for example, physics and biology,” comments Juliene Melo, Arandi member group.

Every year a new topic appears at the National Science and Technology Week, and last year, it was “Artificial Intelligence – New Frontiers of Brazilian Science”. For 2021, the proposed theme is “The Intersection of Science, Technology and Information”.

“For high school students, it’s a very good way to learn about an area of ​​interest, democratize access to information about technological areas, such as artificial intelligence, and foster discussions on proposed topics,” Julian adds.

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