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NASA delays return to the moon until 2025  Science

NASA delays return to the moon until 2025 Science

Ponciano / Pixabay

NASA prepares for new projects

This Tuesday (9), the head of NASA, Bill Nelson, reported that the United States will send a manned mission to the Moon from 2025, delaying the launch by at least a year. Information from the news agency France Press agency

The previous goal of 2024 was set by the government of former President Donald Trump at the launch of the Artemis program, but due to a series of obstacles, NASA had to change plans.

The landing will not happen before 2025 due to some factors, such as the lawsuit filed by Blue Origin, the development of the probe that will take astronauts to the Moon and delays related to the Orion capsule. “We wasted nearly seven months in litigation, and that probably delayed the first manned landing, so it didn’t happen until 2025,” Nelson said.

According to him, NASA is making “solid progress,” but to meet the new timelines, the agency will need more funding from Congress.

The space agency predicts the first unmanned mission, Artemis 1, in February 2022, and the first manned mission to fly over the moon, Artemis 2, for only 2024.

According to NASA, Artemis will also feature the first woman and first black person to walk on the moon.

In addition, the agency wants to build a sustainable presence on the Moon and use the expertise to develop a manned mission to Mars in 2030.

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