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NASA releases playlist for Perseverance spacecraft

NASA releases playlist for Perseverance spacecraft

In more than 15 months of work on Mars, the rover perseverancefrom NASA, recorded many environmental sounds from planet. The team responsible for the equipment selected some of these recordings and put together a five-hour “Martian playlist.”

Some excerpts can be heard in this linkwhich brings a small but sufficient sample of the local soundtrack.

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The sounds collected by the probe during its year-long Mars mission have been organized into a “playlist” by NASA. Photo: Merlin74 / Shutterstock

It can be seen that Mars is a very silent planet. In fact, few natural Martian sounds like wind are about 20 decibels quieter than the same noise on Earth. a land.

“It’s so quiet that at one point we thought the microphone was broken!” Baptiste Scheid, a postdoctoral scientist at Los Alamos National Laboratory who works on the recordings and presented the research findings at the 182nd Meeting of the American Acoustic Society in Denver, the capital of the US state of Colorado, said Wednesday.[25)[25)

Despite the limited audiovisual materials to work with, scientists are making many discoveries. They determined, for example, that the winds of Mars have extreme fluctuations, and they suddenly change from a gentle breeze to violent gusts.

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Using timed laser sparks emitted by the probe, the team studied the scattering of sound on Mars, confirming that high-pitched sounds travel faster than low-pitched sounds – which is very unusual.

“Mars is the only place in the solar system where this happens in an audible bandwidth because of the unique properties of the carbon dioxide molecule that makes up the atmosphere,” Chade said.

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According to the researchers, the Carbon Dioxide The Martian atmosphere also plays a role in the seasonality of sound. When the molecule freezes at the poles of Mars during the winter, the atmosphere becomes less dense, so the volume varies by about 20% between seasons of Mars.

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