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NASA says the earthquake 'monster' on Mars is the largest ever recorded on another planet

NASA says the earthquake ‘monster’ on Mars is the largest ever recorded on another planet

‘Swamp’ measurement images (Image: clone/NASA)

InSight investigation of NASA “Monster” earthquake recorded in Mars, which is estimated to have reached 5 degrees on the scale used on Earth. In terms of seismic events on the Red Planet, this is the largest event the space agency has ever recorded. It is also the largest event of its kind to be identified outside of Earth, according to the space agency.

The new “earthquake”, which occurred on May 4, surpassed the previous record set by NASA on August 25, 2021, which had a magnitude of 4.2.

at LandThe earthquake is classified as a magnitude 5 on a medium scale. However, scientists consider seismic activity on Mars to be lower than on Earth. Therefore, by the seismic standards of the planet, this was a strong earthquake.

Since the InSight probe landed on Mars in November 2018, more than 1,300 earthquakes have been recorded so far. The causes of Martian earthquakes are not known for certain, or their exact source, but the topic is already getting a lot of interest from researchers.

By studying Mars’ seismic waves, scientists hope to learn more about the planet’s crust, mantle, and core. This, in turn, should provide information that helps understand how Mars and other similar planets formed.

Because earthquakes are not as violent as earthquakes, they are difficult to detect, and other vibrations – from wind, for example – can interfere with the readings. With that in mind, the probe insight Equipped with a highly sensitive seismometer called the Internal Structures Seismic Experiment.

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Volcanic activity is also thought to generate seismic waves on Mars, and experts continue to identify new patterns in data that Insight and its seismometer have already recorded and sent back to Earth.

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