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NASA was tasked with establishing a lunar time zone –

NASA was tasked with establishing a lunar time zone –

One big challenge that's not often talked about in the space travel scene is how extraterrestrial timekeeping works. Time works differently on different cosmic bodies because of the different speeds at which each body moves, its mass, and its gravity. This means, for example, that clocks would actually work differently when on the Moon, losing about 58.7 microseconds for every full Earth day, among other problems. This may not seem like a lot (because it's not), but it adds up over time and becomes a more serious problem.

The White House has decided that this problem needs to be solved, and has now tasked NASA with setting a lunar time zone, Lunar Standard Time (LST)/Lunar Coordinated Time (LTC), by the end of 2026.

The time zone will be used as a reference for spacecraft and lunar satellites, to aid in mapping and positioning, ensure correct transmission of data between spacecraft and Earth, and help synchronize astronauts and bases.

It's not clear how this issue will be addressed, but there's no doubt we'll hear more from NASA in the coming months and years.


Thanks, Sky News.

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