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Ingenuity NASA Marte Perseverance problemas

NASA’s first creative flight to Mars won’t happen today

The Mars goal is increasingly rooted in NASA and what this US agency is doing. With the Perseverance Mission, you can expect to learn about the Red Planet and experience some important news.

If the initial focus is on the Perseverance rover, the big bet now is on the Mars Ingenuity helicopter. It was going to fly for the first time today, but NASA decided to postpone this flight, for the safety of this essential element.

Problems arose with creativity

Creativity has been around on Mars for a few days now. After leaving the persevering rover belly, he was preparing for his first flight. It is known to have perfectly endured the harsh conditions of the red planet and everything seems to be going as expected

However, after some initial tests, NASA decided to postpone the first industrious flight. During a test of high-speed rotation of the rotor, the command sequence it was controlling earlier, due to the expiration of the watch timer, expired.

NASA decided to postpone the flight for a few days

So, as a result of this position, NASA I decided to postpone The flight that you set today. His plans are for his maiden flight next Wednesday, 14. However, for that to happen, the new creativity tests must work perfectly.

This situation occurred when the computer was moved from pre-flight mode to flight mode. A watch is a stopwatch that oversees the sequence of commands and alerts you to any problems. Ensures system security, not progress if an error is recorded.

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The versatility of NASA Mars problems of perseverance

Creativity and perseverance are on the surface of Mars

NASA ensures that Ingenuity does not pose any problems and that it sends complete telemetry operations to the agency. The agency's scientists will now evaluate the data and try to understand this situation. They will repeat this test soon and make sure everything is ready for the first flight.

After landing on Mars on February 18th, these elements have shown that they are fully functional. This should only be a hurdle and this only delays the success of the first controlled superhero flight.