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NASA's open program enables the discovery of two new planets

NASA’s open program enables the discovery of two new planets

Amateur scientists have been able to find two new gaseous planets, as part of a project called “Planet Hunters TESS,” broadcast by NASAWhich allows ordinary people to help astronomers and others researchers From space to learn about new celestial bodies.

The so far named “B” and “C” planets are much larger than the planets Tera The motion approaches a star about 352 light-years away.

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The Planet Hunters TESS project uses public data provided by the satellite of the same name, which was launched by NASA in April 2018 and which has so far identified more than 100 exoplanets, with 2,600 other candidates still awaiting confirmation.

Since the data is public, anyone with some understanding of astronomical research or cosmology can search for information and data that will lead to the discovery of new celestial bodies. Essentially, the satellite analyzes its “light curves,” i.e. how much bright stars it can see.

Now, NASA hopes to discover more details about the new planets using release From the James Webb Space Telescope, scheduled for October this year.

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