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NASA's Smart Helicopter Captures a UFO During a Mars Journey

NASA’s Smart Helicopter Captures a UFO During a Mars Journey

During the 33rd flight of the Ingenuity helicopter on the Red Planet, the navigation camera captured what NASA calls “UFO debris”.

NASA’s Creative Helicopter launched in July 2020 and reached Mars in February 2021 (Photo: NASA/JPL-Caltech/ASU/MSSS/Handout)

“There is something on your foot, the Mars helicopter,” NASA scientists said when they demonstrated a strange object that was attached to the helicopter. cleverness, which was launched in July 2020 as part of the mission to explore the Red Planet. According to the Indian newspaper, Hindustan Times newspaperThe US space agency is investigating what it calls “UFO debris” that got trapped in one of the equipment’s feet during the last flight, 33, carried out on September 24.

Can aliens leave traces on Mars? NASA confirmed that “a small piece of UFO debris [foreign object debris] Seen in navigation camera photos [Navcam] Oddly enough, this debris was not visible in the footage taken by Navkam on the previous flight, the Indian newspaper revealed.

To the delight of space agency scientists, the “mysterious” object did not affect the flight of the Creativity helicopter. “As shown in the GIF, it ended up leaving and did not affect the successful Flight 33,” NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory commented on Twitter. The GIF shared by the agency shows the debris of a foreign body stuck to the foot of the device during the ascent, right up to about halfway through the video. Then the object falls and returns to the surface of Mars.

As the Hindustan Times shows, Ingeniti’s 33rd trip to Mars took just over 55 seconds. NASA says the plane, which weighs about two kilograms and is 1.2 meters wide with propellers, traveled about 111 meters before landing. The agency also confirmed that “ingenuity and perseverance [robô espacial lançado em 2020] They are working to identify the source of the debris.” This means that the idea of ​​foreign matter is still on the menu.

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NASA's Smart Helicopter Captures a UFO During a Mars Journey
A small piece of strange debris is seen in this navigation camera footage of NASA’s Ingenuity Helicopter during its 33rd flight to Mars on Sept. 24.